Motor City Bowl
BYU squared off against Marshall in the first meeting between the two schools at the Cougars’ first-ever appearance in the third annual Motor City Bowl. The Cougars scored first on a field goal by Owen Pochman with 1:58 remaining in the first quarter. That score was set up by a pair of 20-plus yard receptions by Donny Atuaia and Jonathan Pittman. In the second quarter, Marshall drove the ball down to the BYU five-yard line, but failed to convert as a 22-yard field goal attempt by Billy Malashevich missed wide to the right. On the Herd’s next possession, Chad Pennington put Marshall on the board with a 30-yard touchdown pass to Doug Chapman. On BYU’s ensuing drive, Feterik connected with Margin Hooks for a 67-yard pass play that took the Cougars all the way to the nine-yard line. However, the Cougars couldn’t capitalize inside the red zone and Feterik suffered a collarbone injury off a blind-side corner blitz. Pochman, who had connected on 18 of 25 attempts in the regular season, missed wide left on his field goal attempt. Feterik attempted to play in the second half, but left the game midway in the third quarter when Freshman Bret Engemann took the QB controls. Just before the end of the third quarter, Marshall struck a big play when Chapman rushed 87 yards for a touchdown. Chapman, to cap off his MVP performance, scored Marshall’s final touchdown. The Cougars missed a final chance to score when Brian Gray had a clear path to the end zone, but dropped a sure interception