Also knwn as the "Honor Code" These are some basic rules for the BYU Football Wikia. If there are any question or suggestions let Sprywolf know.

Adding ArticlesEdit

Please don't create an article, then add no content to it. If you add very little content, make sure you make the article a Stub.


When uploading an image, use a name that makes sense. Here are examples of correctly-named ones:

Ty Detmer.jpg

Holiday Bowl.jpg


Bad ones are:




These badly named files could be mistaken as spam names.

Also, do not add fan art images for articles. You can add fan art on your user page only.

Please use decent quality images, they are preferred over very low-resolution images or bad quality images like photographs taken of the image on a television screen.


You can edit if you know what is correct way for our wiki. People who place fake info, replace or add content with jibberish (dhfa78dfa7fys867ae8ghyb 7hvabm hewnilty87wjeafhs for example), you will be blocked for 3 days. Repeated violators will be blocked longer until they are blocked forever. Please talk with other users if you do think the edit is right, but they keep undoing it. Please do not go to edit wars, talk it out with the other person without causing a fight with one another. Foul words and profanity and insults will not be tolerated and will result in a 3-month block. If you seen such, undo their edit and please report to Sprywolf as soon as possible. Leave opinions out of articles, try to be objective and stick to the facts. For example if you don't like a certain players, teams or articles, don't put it in the article. we have comments for peoples opinions.

Changing namesEdit

Do not change names to jibberish names (ex. LaVell Edwards to sdjhfqsj). You will be warned, and if necessary, blocked for the vandalism.


Please refrain from adding trivial and oddly specific categories to character pages. It can get very cluttered and ridiculous at times.

Have Fun Editing!

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