George Ottinger Romney (December 12, 1892 – May 1973) was the third head football coach at Brigham Young University (BYU). He coached for nine years from 1928-1936. His overall record at BYU was 42-33-5. His best year in coaching was in 1932 when he went 8-1 and took second in the Rocky Mountain Conference.[1] Montana State University honored Romney by naming the first Gymnasium built on campus after him. Although later replaced as the main sports facility by a large multipurpose field house named for John "Brick" Breeden, the Romney Gymnasium still stands on the main quad of the Bozeman campus and houses many intermural sports and physical fitness classes.


  • 1928 BYU 3-3-1
  • 1929 BYU 5-3
  • 1930 BYU 5-2-4
  • 1931 BYU 4-4
  • 1932 BYU 8-1
  • 1933 BYU 5-4
  • 1934 BYU 4-5
  • 1935 BYU 4-4
  • 1936 BYU 4-5

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