• Number: 28
  • Position: Tailback
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 195
  • Roster Years: 1969-1972
  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

During his BYU career, he was affectionately known as "Fleet Pete Van Valkenburg" and fleet was definitely a good word to describe one of BYU's greatest runningbacks.

"Fleet Pete" was a powerful runner with the ability to accelerate quickly, break tackles, and elude members of the defensive secondary. He could get the short yardage but could also break the long run, which kept BYU's opponents guessing. In fact, he left many a defender guessing as he led the Cougars by winning the NCAA rushing title in 1972 with an average of 138.6 yards per game.

It was in the 1972 season that "Fleet Pete" was also named All-American. Following this, Pete went on to play in three post-season games-the Senior Bowl, the Blue-Gray game and the All-American game. "Fleet Pete" was successful in season and after, leading his team in the Senior Bowl by being named the most valuable player on offense.

Pete's career didn't end at BYU. He continued into professional football where he spent three years before retiring his cleats.

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